Baseplate Assembly (square)


The perfect base for your radon mitigation system. This base works very well in situations where carpet or other floor will be cut to fit as the square sides are much easier to match up.

The 12” x 12”, ½” thick flange has an ABS hub in the centre to accept 4” ABS pipe (Schedule 40 PVC, System 15, and XFR will also fit), and four 1/4” holes to allow for anchoring with drive nails. The large size flange allows for an imperfect and/or larger suction hole, and allows you to adjust the system base to ensure your system is level and plumb. Put a large bead of sealant around your suction hole before you put the baseplate assembly down. Also available in a 10” diameter x 1/2” thick round variety.

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Weight 1841 g
Dimensions 41 × 25 × 22 cm


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