Finding out that your house has a high radon level can be scary…



Book a free, no obligation site visit to determine the location and cost of your radon mitigation system.


Perform diagnostics to determine the required size of radon-specific fan for your radon mitigation system.


Build a custom sub-slab depressurization system to remove radon gas from below your home before it can enter your breathing space.


Seal all visible openings in your basement floor (gaps, cracks, holes, etc) to maximize system effectiveness and efficiency.


Clean up completely and walk homeowner through all performed radon mitigation work.


Deploy a radon tester to verify your results through a third-party laboratory (includes a written report).

RADONreduction radon mitigation systems take up very little space, are located conveniently (usually in your mechanical room), use minimal electricity, and are very quiet. 

See system pictures here.

What People Are Saying!

Marie and Craig Mitchell, NW Calgary

Colin Story from Radon Reduction installed our radon mitigation system on Dec 9th 2021. We had been monitoring the radon in our house for about a year. The average was about 200 Bq/m3. We were able to mitigate radon in the summer by keeping the windows open, but come winter season we had to close the windows. The radon spiked when the furnace was turned on. It was time to do something. Colin was very professional and knowledgeable, and the price was very reasonable. He installed the system, repaired any cracks in the basement floor, sealed the floor around the bottom of the basement stairwell, filled in the hole in the concrete under the furnace, tested the system and cleaned everything up at the end. When he started the job, the radon in the basement was 205 Bq/m3. When he finished it had dropped to 89 Bq/m3. Within 24 hours of the installation the radon in the house had dropped to below 10 Bq/m3! We were ecstatic! The secondary benefit was the fact that the system draws out moisture from below the floor, so no mustiness. We highly recommend Radon Reduction. You will be happy with the results.

I.Z. Silverado, SW Calgary

Colin (Radonreduction) helped me installed the mitigation system recently. I am really happy with the work.

Colin is very professional, experienced and detail oriented. He came to my house and walked me through the work required to be done, checked the entire basement thoroughly, spotted all the spots that need to be sealed and figured out the best location to put the system quickly. He is always on time, did the job nice and clean. He is very patient and nice, answered all my questions and provided great service before and after installation service.
Great service & good price, highly recommended.